What is the City of Reynoldsburg's snow plan?

We are constantly trying new techniques and procedures in our battle with inclement weather. When snow accumulates enough to plow (4 inches or more) four trucks will "gang plow" Main Street, Brice Road, Livingston Avenue, and State Route 256 before proceeding to remainder of the arterial streets. We will be salting all major and minor arterials as well as all collector streets, steep grade areas and dangerous curves. We are not going to salt residential streets. These calculated decisions have been made with safety of the citizens, Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, Ohio Revised Code, budgetary restraints, and efficiency of our staff. Every snow storm is different, please be patience.

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1. What if I see there is a streetlight, traffic light, or school light out?
2. I saw someone putting leaves, grass clippings, or other foreign materials down a storm drain or into a street. What do I do?
3. What is the City of Reynoldsburg's snow plan?
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