What is RITA?

RITA stands for the Regional Income Tax Agency. RITA is a government entity and Reynoldsburg is one of 350+ Ohio municipalities that participate in this shared government service.  All Reynoldsburg tax forms and payments are sent directly to RITA. The  RITA website provides tax information, forms, Frequently Asked Questions and free online services, including e-registration, e-filing and e-paying for Reynoldsburg residents and businesses.

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1. Who is required to file and/or pay city income tax?
2. How do I make a payment or get a tax form?
3. What is RITA?
4. Is retirement income taxable to the City of Reynoldsburg?
5. Does the City of Reynoldsburg give full credit for tax paid to your work city?
6. Does the City or Reynoldsburg collect school taxes?
7. Does the City of Reynoldsburg collect property taxes?