What is the noise ordinance and stationary noise?

Noise Ordinance

We have taken a community approach to what we call "Thumper Patrol." The city of Reynoldsburg has initiated a "Noise Ordinance 509.11,"Sound Limitations. The ordinance states:

No person shall, on any public sidewalk, street, highway, park, beach, or other public property, or in any motor vehicle located on any public street or property, use, operate, or play any radio, phonograph, stereo set, tape or CD player, television, sound amplifier, or other electronic audio device which produces or reproduces amplified sound, recorded music, or other noise, at a level which is plainly audible at a distance of more than twenty-five feet or more from the sound source. This provision shall not apply to live music, motor vehicles that are operated by medical or vehicular assistance to warn others of a hazardous road condition or the vehicle is an emergency vehicle or public safety vehicle and is on an emergency run or the motor vehicle is owned and operated by the state of Ohio, a political subdivision, or a public utility.

Stationary Noise

No person shall knowingly or recklessly cause an amplified sound, live music, recorded music, or other noise to cross real property boundaries at such a volume as to:

  1. Disrupt the normal daily activities, including but not limited to sleeping, studying, and dining of persons within a residence or disrupt the normal daily activities, including but not limited to working of persons within a place of business;
  2. Noise shall be presumed "unreasonably loud" if uninvited noise is plainly audible at the place of business, or part thereof, greater than 100 feet away from the property line of the sound source.

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