Charter Amendments

What is the City's Charter?

The  Reynoldsburg City Charter is like the City's version of the U.S. Constitution. The Charter establishes foundational rules for Reynoldsburg City government including the form of government, procedures for legislation and key City Departments among other things. The original Charter was enacted in 1979 and has since been amended many times.

Why amend it?

Just like the U.S. Constitution, the City Charter is a living document that seeks to provide the best form of government possible for City residents. As time passes, circumstances change and new ideas are created, resulting in potential better ways to ensure Reynoldsburg local government operates in the best possible way for the benefit of City residents.

Why put amendments on the ballot?

Any amendment to the City's Charter can only be enacted by a vote of City residents. The Charter amendments put forward by City Council will therefore appear on the November general election ballot for consideration by voters.

What is the Charter Review Commission?

Established by:   Section 7.05 of the City Charter 
During the month of January, 1982 and each five years thereafter, Council shall appoint, by a majority vote of its members, a Charter Review Commission consisting of five members who are electors of the City. Not more than two of the members shall be adherents of the same political party. In addition to the mandatory duty imposed upon Council by this section to appoint a Charter Review Commission during January of 1982 and each five years thereafter, Council may appoint such Commission, with membership as provided in this division, at any time, by a majority vote of its members.

The Charter Review Commission shall study and review the provisions of this Charter and the operations of the City and shall report its recommendations, if any, for changes or revisions in this Charter to Council no later than the first day of August following the appointment of the Commission, unless a later date is specified by Council, by a majority vote of its members.