Street Department

The primary mission of the Reynoldsburg Street Department is to provide a safe and maintained road network. We strive to give the citizens of Reynoldsburg the most cost-effective and competent service, while doing our utmost to be responsive to the citizen's concerns and requests in a timely manner.

Located at 7806 East Main Street, the department consists of 14 full-time employees; administrative assistant and superintendent, Storm Water Utility (three), and Mechanic Division (two).

About Us

The Street Department has a diversity of responsibilities. These include repair and maintenance of 112 miles of streets; fabricate and install street name signs, regulatory and warnings signs and various informational signs; debris removal and grass cutting on all rights-of-way and three cemeteries; snow removal; repairing street lights and traffic lights and street cleaning.

The department maintains over 3,312 traffic control signs, 1,463 street name signs, monitors and repairs 30 traffic light intersections, and school flashing lights at eight locations. The department maintains 2,156 street lights.

Reynoldsburg Map with Street Names

Looking for a street in Reynoldsburg? View the Reynoldsburg Street Map and Index (PDF).


The City of Reynoldsburg Street Department would like to remind residents that it is unlawful to dispose of any matter such as leaves or grass clippings on any public property, which includes City streets.

Private and/or commercial signs cannot be placed in the City right-of-way. Generally speaking, the right-of-way is the area of land between the road edge and the sidewalk. For areas that have no sidewalk, it is recommended that you call the Street Department at 614-322-5800 to determine the right-of-way width.

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