Development Department


The Department of Development is responsible for land development, land use planning, economic development, zoning, and implementation of a comprehensive plan for the City of Reynoldsburg.

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We work to energize and maintain a thriving community where all citizens prosper and realize their potential by committing to the following:

  • Guiding the changes and development that will enhance our community
  • Supporting business expansion and retention
  • Seeking innovative ways to stimulate economic growth
  • Increasing the commercial property tax base of our community
  • Partnering with important local entities to promote the outstanding benefits of the community
  • Continually working with regional partners to attract and retain businesses and investment in the City of Reynoldsburg

Planning & Zoning

A key component of the Department of Development is the Planning and Zoning Division. This division is responsible for guiding residents and developers through the zoning approval and development approval process.

The staff coordinates efforts between applicants, the Planning and Zoning Board and Building Appeals, who meet monthly to review various aspects of projects, make recommendations, and issue certain approvals. Calendars and meeting details can be found on the zoning information page.

Additional Resources

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